Animal Medical Center

7901 West Kilgore Avenue
Yorktown, IN 47396


Animal Medical Center Tour

Clients usually only get to see the lobby and exam rooms so this page allows you to get a full tour of our practice. You'll get to view the set up of our treatment area, surgery room, in-house lab, pharmacy and our radiology room. We hope you enjoy this inside look at our practice. 

This is the exterior of our building. As you enter, you will notice our distinct, "wilderness lodge" theme. We also have a Pet Relief area for your pet's convenience.


Reception Desk

Here is our reception area. Our receptionists will be here to assist with whatever you or your pet may need. This is also where our clinic cats love to do their two favorite things (meeting people and sleeping)!


Waiting Area

This is our waiting area. It is both spacious and well-lit, so that your wait time provides as little inconvenience as possible. This area also features a "Kid's Corner" with activities for our younger pet lovers.


Exam Room

Here is one of our 4 state-of-the-art exam rooms. We have exam rooms for all shapes and sizes of pets (dogs, cats, exotics, etc.)! Some features of our exam rooms include: an electronic lift table to make it easier to examine animals with limited mobility, wireless video otoscope that allows for the client and the doctor to see inside your pet's ears, and much, much more.



This is our surgery area. This facility allows our vets to perform a wide variety of procedures. We have advanced monitoring systems in place to make sure your pet is as safe as possible when having a surgical procedure.


Treatment Area

This is our treatment area. We have 3 different types of tables (regular, hydraulic lift, and wet) which allow us to perform dentistry, small surgical procedures, and to quickly move emergency and critical care patients. We also have boarding for hospitalized animals in this area.



This is our radiology room. Pets that need to have x-rays taken will have them performed here. We ha ve an advanced digital x-ray system that allows for clear images that can be stored on computers. This allows us to show the x-rays on computers in the exam rooms.



This is our pharmacy. We have many medicines that can treat a wide variety of conditions. With the knowledge of our vets, a course of treatment can be recommended that will help get your pet back to tip-top shape as quickly as possible.



This is our in-house lab. Here we can perform a number of different tests to help diagnose your pet's illness and evaluate its health. Since these tests are performed on site, it allows our vets to get results quickly, so that we can help your pet without having to wait for an outside lab to do the tests.